Memorial House of Mother Teresa - Macedonia

In order to pay respect to the incredible person and Noble Prize winner from Macedonia, Mother Teresa, a memorial house was opened in 2009.
The house was built on the exact place where the old Catholic Church ‘Sacred heart of Jesus’ used to stand. In this church she sang in the choir and it was the church in which Gonxha Bojaxhiu found her inner peace after her father’s death, thus this place is ideal for this memorial house. The memorial house has splendid architecture and design, it has a gallery, chapel and amphitheatre, all of which have significant meaning. The gallery’s decoration represents the interior of a Macedonian city house at the beginning of the 20th century. Above the gallery there is a beautiful chapel where twice a week the priests from the Catholic Church hold services. At the lower part of the museum there is an amphitheatre where numerous educational projects, exhibitions and promotions related to Mother Teresa’s work occur.
The Memorial House of Mother Teresa is located centrally in the city, on the well-known Macedonia Street, so it is easily accessible for all those who want to learn more about the precious humanitarian work of Gonxhe Bojaxhiu.


Vodno Mountain

Vodno Mountain is the ideally located 15 minutes away from the city centre of Skopje and a perfect destination for hiking, biking, picnics in nature and a breath of fresh air with great sights.

If you don’t want to do sports and you still want to enjoy the beautiful sights, fresh air and nature you can also get to the top of the mountain with the cable car that opened in 2011. You can get to the cable car with busses from every part of the city.

Vodno Mountain is also home to many sights and attractions that offer great views of the city. Here you will find two monasteries that are definitely worth visiting. Holy Mother of God church is located at the start of the cable car that can take you to the top of the mountain and Saint Panteleimon Monastery that is a popular destination for weddings.

The mountain will also be a home of an ethno village that is currently being constructed near the Saint Panteleimon Monastery.


Canyon Matka

Canyon Matka is conveniently located a 30-45 min drive from Skopje city centre and has always been a popular picnic, hike and a one day nature destination.

Canyon Matka has been formed throughout millions of years by the river Treska as it carved it’s way through the mountains. This mountainous river is also home to the best wild waters kayaking stage in the country that is used for many competitions. Canyon Matka is also home to two holiday settlements, Gorna and Dolna Matka used as week-end getaways.

The Monastery of the Holy Mother of God is a must see destination at Matka. It was built in the 14th century and features great traditional monastery architecture a beautiful church and even a small souvenir shop where you can buy a memorabilia of your trip.
As you continue your exploration of Canyon Matka you will notice the massive St. Andrea dam which is in fact the first ever dam of its kind built in Macedonia in 1938. Behind it stretches the artificial Matka Lake that perfectly blends with the surroundings with the sheer cliffs.

From the dam onwards you can only continue by foot through a path carved into the cliffs that offers great sights of the lake and the mountains above you. The local paths ends at Matka Hotel and Restaurant where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or stay longer for a delicious meal just next to the lake. Right next to the restaurant is the small and charming church of St. Andrea that was built 1389. You can literally feel its history as you step through the small entrance.

From the restaurant onwards there are several trails that are great for hiking and even climbing, but make sure you always adhere to the rules and safety tips. One of the hiking roads leads to the Monastery of St. Nikola that has breath-taking views of the canyon.

Canyon Matka is also the home of Vrelo Cave which can be only accessed with a boat ride across the lake and was listed as one of the 77 natural sites of the New Seven Wonders of Nature project.


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