London B & B is a new accommodation capacity located right into the heart of Skopje. Just beyond the entrance is the main square of Skopje and all that it has to offer: Nearby attractions include the world-famous Mother Theresa memorial house, the old Bazaar, the unique fountains and historical monuments, Stone Bridge, exclusive shopping galore and an array of inspiring museums. Skopje is one of the unique places where you can find art, culture, entertainment, fashion and hospitality that blend together.

           Located in a prestigious baroque style building, in London B & B welcoming you will be elegant and comfortable interiors stylish decorated, with attention to modern design, and finishes with warm tones, in order to offer our guests the best stay. Luxurious and elegant in every aspect with a restaurant dedicated to gourmands. Ideal for those who consider tranquility, courtesy and efficiency, key points for a successful stay.

           For a business stay or for a holiday in the city of “one time home of Byzantine officials and illustrious sultans  “Eternal City”, the London B & B and staff will be at your disposal to help you fully experience the city of Skopje with its fascinating history and its priceless art treasures.